Brand Concept

Concept was first mentioned in 2010 when we attended the Las Vegas culinary fair, here, Mr Hung, a young chefs in Las Vegas, has won the champion chefs ... he won the contest in a city in the state of Colorado. Of particular help him win two rivals for washing dishes by award as duck with soya sauce ... a fish sauce.

Make sauce was meticulous, eat fish sauce is an art. Fish sauce, foreign newspapers wrote that Fish Sauce, but also of writing (especially cookbooks) "nuoc mam sauce" rather than the "fish sauce". "Nuoc Mam" as nouns, name the specific type of Vietnam.

From there, we launched Brand concept Mắm Roll & Hotpot



Roll & Hotpot Mam is a registered trademark of THG Vietnam Co., Ltd.. Founded in 2010, we had a long-term study to evaluate the consumption potential, develop procedures and selection of sale. Our success is the result of internal growth, business management professional and excellent reputation with customers.

Our Customers

* People who love Boiled belly bacon and baby shrimp sauce & Vietnamese Hot Pot (Lau Mam)

* Require professional services

* Would like have diverse options for your meals
* Would like have warm space for sharing with loved ones
* And special wishes, but memories of past meals Hanoi and Saigon Gia Dinh

Schedule Mắm (Roll & Hotpot)

* 2011:Build sequence Mam (Roll & Hotpot) orientation: the decision Foodcourt & to the City 6-8 restaurants in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh

* 2012: Deployment the model Franchise / Franchising
* Q3/ Năm 2012: Open 4-8 restaurants in Australia, Britain, the U.S. concentration of Vietnamese people overseas to address the national dish mind.
* Q4/2012: New Concept for the restaurant chain Vietnamese the national dish.